Help Stacy & Get Fit at the Same Time!

14 Day Fat Furnace Only $67

100% of Proceeds go to Help Stacy

Fit Body Boot Camp is doing a fundraiser for Stacy Godfry who is in stage 5 kidney failure and we are raising money to help with her medical expenses. We are giving 100% of the proceeds back to help Stacy. She has been a teacher in this community for many years and we want to help give back to her.

For session times, see below...

What is the 14 Day Fat Furnace?

1) A fun, effective workout and healthier eating plan for 14 days

2) You will receive unlimited workouts for 2 weeks at this ladies only Fitness Boot Camp in Land O’ Lakes on SR 54 (amount of times you attend is based on your fitness level – if you are a total beginner, we will give you advice on how many times to attend and you will get great results!)

3) You will be inspired by the other women around you also getting great results

4) You will have more energy, your clothes will fit looser and you will be excited about starting to see your body headed in the right direction!

5) The two weeks of Boot Camp starts the times you pick (when you click the "reserve your spot now" button below, you will be taken to a page to pick the date you want to start).

6) There are MANY times the sessions are offered to accommodate your busy schedule:

30 Minute Workouts

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri

5:30 am
6:30 am

Mon, Thurs, Fri

8:30 am
9:45 am


8 am

7) The investment in this 14 day system is only $67 BUT 100% of the proceeds goes back to help Stacy get a kidney transplant so you are really getting the 14 Day Fat Furnace for free!

What a great deal! You get in great shape and help someone else, a perfect combination!

Click this link to Reserve your Spot....HURRY SPOTS WILL GO FAST!

What are Other Women Saying About Just the First Two Weeks?

"I was so excited when I lost 10 inches in only 2 weeks. I love this place!"

"The trainers encouraging me makes the world of a difference."

"It's amazing the difference in only a few weeks...I have more energy, lost a size and I feel great!"

"This boot camp is such a special place. The ladies are so nice and supportive and I always feel right at home when I walk in there."

"I have a new found energy, lost 10 lbs. in only two weeks and am ready for more."

When you click the button below that says, 'Reserve My Spot',
after you enter your information you will be taken to a page to:

1) Download your 14 day Simple Meal Plan

2) Pick your times and days that you want to train

3) Get directions to the boot camp – its conveniently located on SR 54 one mile East of Collier

If you have any questions, you can call 813-377-4887